What Should I Eat?

Courtesy of Jodi Bullock, Holistic Health Coach

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What ARE you/we/all of us 'supposed' to eat? It's the same and different all at the same time.


We are supposed to eat mostly plants because that is what our cells want/crave/need and thrive on. That's how we RUN. That is our FUEL. In any given day, how much you eat, when you eat, what you pick and put together CAN and WILL change and vary. IF you have a health condition, a disease, then your food becomes MORE FOCUSED. Because you are working with your body to bring it back into alignment and there's no time for messing around. In THAT case above it's vital to really filter out any of the 'slow down' foods. So that ALL of you can get better/heal/transform FASTER because WHY WAIT.

Do you know what these filter out foods are? Things like soy/gluten/dairy/MSG/processed foods/Sugar/Canola oil/dyes/fillers/ ALL of that slows you down. So then, what are you left with?
>>Well sourced proteins (optional of course) organic, grass-fed, wild caught
>>Plant proteins: lentils, legumes, split peas, black beans, chickpeas, etc
>>Seeds: chia, flax, pumpkin, sesame, quinoa
>>Gluten free grains: oats, amaranth, rice
>>FRUITS: all of these!!!
>>Vegetables: all of these!!
>>Well made (sourced) and pure ingredient products with simple singular ingredients

Cool things like:
Sugar free ketchup, mustard, marinara, salad dressings, pickles, dairy free milks or "mylks"  cauliflower rice, frozen chopped/sliced foods, kale chips, treats made out of things like dates, coconut, nuts, etc; banana bites (YUM), roasted chickpeas, grain free chips, healthy gluten free 'chips' or snacks
and on and on.

So FIRST know this. Those are the basics.

Within the basics:
EAT MOSTLY fruits and veggies all day everyday. I think this is the hard part for you? If not let me know. Is the question more, HOW do I do that? How do I make things I like to eat and want to eat out of this list and mostly plants? I think it is. So I'm going to put together a challenge for next week:
Every day next week I'll be doing a livestream on this subject of how to make plant based eating EASIER and what you need to know about it:

Monday: Detach from "Dinner"
Why you need to break up with the 1950s mindset of cooking a pot roast = a good family dinner and what it will look like instead!
Tuesday: Planning with Proteins
How much protein do you need? What kinds? Is vegan 'better' for your body? How to have a ready to go protein (plant or otherwise) always ready at your fingertips!
Wednesday: Vegetable Must Haves
The top 5 veggies I always have on hand, WHY and what I actually do with them to use them over and over in new and creative ways with unlimited variety!
Thursday: Just FRUIT
What FRUITS I always have on hand, and what I do with THEM, how much fruit is too much? When to eat it, how to eat it and how to mix it with your veggies in the best ways for your health AND tastebuds
Friday: Fun Foods
The coolest plant based foods I know of to make your old favorites in healthier hipper ways, that taste better anyways. Cheeses, pizzas, pastas, desserts, what ARE these foods, where do you FIND them and are they OK to eat IF you want to lose weight or heal something now?
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Jodi Bullock is a holistic health coach specializing in digestion, plant based eating & the energy of foods. Her website is HERE