Cryotherapy for Eczema and Psoriasis

Skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis can be painful for many to endure. 31.6 million people are reported to endure eczema and another 7.5 million people are suffering from psoriasis in the U.S. alone. Neither of these skin diseases have a cure, but cryotherapy is a promising new treatment to help sooth the painful and itchy rashes.  



Eczema is characterized by red, itchy rashes, and it is a result of a hypersensitivity reaction in the skin. Those who suffer from eczema can become so uncomfortable from itching that sleep deprivation occurs. Eczema is not curable, but there can be way to help ease the suffering. Traditional treatments include topical and oral steroids, emollient creams, or UV rays.  

Cryotherapy has only recently been used to treat eczema, but the results are extremely promising. Cryotherapy can boost the immune system in to high gear, therefore increasing the body’s ability to heal painful rashes. While it may sound uncomfortable to expose the skin to extremely cold temperatures, those with eczema have reported it to be rather soothing. Case studies have also shown that cryotherapy treatment to inflamed sites of those suffering from eczema can help sooth the skin affected immediately, and this affect can last for several days up to a week.2


In contrast to eczema, Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory disease of the immune system. It is characterized by patches of raised, reddish, and scaly skin; and it can be very painful and itchy for those who suffer. As of now there is no known treatment for the disease. Therefore, the main focus for psoriasis is symptomatic treatment and managing pain. Currently, psoriasis treatments include topical ointments, corticosteroids, and lasers. Cryotherapy is a very promising treatment due to its safety, lack of complications, and relatively inexpensive price.

Several studies have shown the effectiveness of cryotherapy treatment on psoriasis plaques. One study used spot therapy treatment with liquid nitrogen spray over existing plaque. 72% of patients’ psoriasis plaque cleared due to treatment.5 For whole-body therapy a recommended treatment cycle should include about two weeks of 25 to 30 cryotherapy sessions.4 These sessions have shown to help itching recede and scaling to become less intense. One can expect this therapeutic effect to last several months.


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